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  • I had over $36,000 of student loan debt and felt completely overwhelmed. The Wealtha Plan helped me consolidate my loans and refinance them at a lower rate. Now I have a lower payment and I'll be debt free 5 years faster!
    Amanda Lopez Sunnyvale, CA
  • I thought I was stuck with my bad credit forever. But I was really surprised. The Wealtha Plan helped me get my credit score up to 720 in six months. I plan on buying a house next year and now feel confident getting a mortgage.
    Steve Howe Chicago, IL
  • I just turned 36 and I was living paycheck to paycheck. I was frustrated and felt like I was spinning my wheels. Now I have a plan and just reached $7k in savings. I have gained so much confidence and finally trust myself with money.
    Sophie Romano El Paso, TX
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